A Damsel’s Discovery

Let me start this post off with a simple, yet awe inspiring, powerful statement.

God is Amazingly Wonderful!

I believe that sometimes… a lot of times, we, as Christians take for granted how much He has done and how much He loves us. How much He wants to pour His blessings down on us.

Why did I choose to write about this today?

Let me give you a testimony of His love and blessings He poured out on me, just yesterday.

Yesterday, I had my interview for the education department at the University I will be attending to get my licensure for teaching elementary school. Even though my advisor assured me it was a formality, it still made me nervous. Formality or not, I wanted to make a good impression. As I was driving to the university I said a simple prayer asking for His help.

I arrived, filled out paperwork still needed and then sat down.

I was unaware that there would be a panel of three people interviewing me, talk about adding to my anxiety.

However, as they asked questions I found the answers coming to me easily.

Let me tell you something about myself, verbally, I’m not “quick on my feet”, it’s just not a gift I have.

Yesterday seemed the exception, so much so that the senior professor interviewing me stopped the interview to ask me how I knew so much. I explained to him that I had done a partial program in Colorado and I also did research on my own. He then told the panel that they should just send me directly to the classroom, I didn’t need to attend the program. He was joking of course, not in a condescending way but in a complimentary way.

When the interview was finished I shook everyone’s hand and was told they would be voting next week, though I was 99.999% getting into the program. They don’t put people up for a vote if they’re not going to accept them, they explained.

I had a few things to do around the campus and then drove home. It was then that I contemplated on the interview and realized how much God had helped me. He had given me the words to speak, ensured everything rolled off my tongue, not just correctly but gracefully and far more full of confidence than I felt. I never would’ve performed that well on my own.

I never would have performed that well on my own.

This was a soft whisper to me. A reminder that God’s blessings and love are endless. That he is always at our side and only wants whats best for us. It further set in stone that teaching is exactly where He wants me.

God answers prayers, big and small, prayers that are for your own good and good for the plan He has laid out for you. A plan that will far exceed any plan you make on your own.

Just as it is stated in Matthew 7:7 “So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”


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