A Quick Note About My Social Media Presence.

I was recently asked if I ever do anything else besides Facebook.

The cold hard truth is YES, that’s why the app is on my phone and tablet.

Along with Facebook, I’m also “always on” Tumbler, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, and Twitter just to name a few.

The amazing thing about this day and age is that I  can go about my day and still keep the social media presence I need.

Why do I need a social media presence?

So I can sell my book.

I am not going the traditional publishing route and I don’t have a marketer. I have to create my own market and in the digital age, you do this with social media.

My strong social media presence is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do, it’s being noticed.

If it’s noticed then when I go to sell my book, it too will be noticed.

The digital age is amazing, isn’t it?



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