Art of the Week!

History and art go hand in hand.

I love ancient Egyptian history and decided to do this week’s art based on this intriguing civilization.

Picking just three pieces was hard but the following are the ones I finally decided on.

#1 Tutankhamun’s Death Mask 1323 BC.

Image result for Tutankhamun's mask

Tutankhamen’s mask is more recently believed to be originally made for the queen pictured below.

#2 Nefertiti’s Bust- “The work is believed to have been crafted in 1345 B.C.” Wikipedia

Related image


And one more, though not the least as some of the beliefs circling around this particular piece are a basis for my triple novel series in the making.

#3 Narmer Palette

For more information about the above piece please visit the following site!


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