Music for the Week!

I apologize for this being so late in the day…life.

That being said, I wanted to put a quick note on how happy I am that I chose to add music to my blog, though I’m sure I have friends that are even happier than I am. You see when I find something I truly enjoy, like music, I want to share it and I often share it to death. At least this way, I feel as if I am sharing and I don’t have to bother my friends… as much. 😉

As I’ve stated before I listen to a plethora of music, everything from Screamo to Classical. According to Wikipedia (I still argue with my husband about how reliable this source is), “Aesthetic Perfection is an American electronic musical project created by Daniel Graves in 2000.”

No matter the true “genre” I like the music and therefore will share.



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