Moses’ Impulsiveness, a curse, a blessing.

Romans 8:28 And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.

Most people have heard the story of Moses, whether they read the Bible or not.

What most people don’t realize is that not only did Moses have a temper but he was also impulsive. God used this (not saying you shouldn’t work on correcting either of these traits) for the good of His people.

Quick recap: The Hebrews had been brought to Egypt and enslaved there. The pharaoh of the time (which Pharaoh it was, is up for debate) noticed that the Hebrews were doing quite well, despite their enslavement. Fearful of an uprising he ordered all midwives to throw out any males born to them.

The midwives feared God and refused to obey.

Then the Pharoah made it a law that all his people should do this.

I believe the Pharaoh was trying to be sneaky at first. After all, as already stated, he was fearful of an uprising.

When he realized his sneakiness wasn’t going to work he grew angry and made it a law, that’s just speculation on my part.

It was during this time that Moses was born.

His mother tried to keep him hidden and managed to do so for about three months. When she realized she would no longer be able to do so, she made a basket and put Moses in the river. Was she using a loophole in the law? Maybe? She did, after all, obey the Pharoahs orders, she just went about it in a different manner.

Now along comes the daughter of the pharaoh, the princess of Egypt, and she spots Moses in his basket, rescues him and raises him as her own son.

This next part is pure speculation on my part but I found myself wondering about the ability of the princess to raise him.

Rescuing him sure but why didn’t the Pharoah order her to throw him back? Why did the Pharaoh give in and allow the rescued baby to be raised as a prince?

Knowing the history of the Egyptian royalty there is the possibility that the princess had been unable to bare a child of her own. We know there was a lot of ‘close family relations’. The Egyptian royalty believed they were descendants of the gods and to keep their bloodline pure they often married siblings. This, of course, led to infertility.

I often wonder if the princess didn’t convince her father that Moses was a miracle, a gift from an Egyptian deity. He was, after all, three months old, not a newborn when she found him.

Did she not wonder how he’d survived? Did she believe Bes looked out for him?

Even if she didn’t believe this herself, perhaps she convinced her father, the pharaoh, of this so that she could raise Moses as her son.

Let’s fast forward forty years. Yes, for forty years Moses lived as an Egyptian prince.

Of course, we don’t exactly what happened at the time but we can presume he lived the good life. He was raised as a prince. Raised in luxury, raised to perhaps take his mother’s place one day and rule over Egypt. However, because his birth mother was his nursemaid and he knew his sister Meriam, he was never unaware of his bloodline.

So, Moses, the Egyptian prince is out and about one day and see’s an Egyptian, his fellow countryman, beating a slave, a member of his bloodline.

What happens next is interesting.

He doesn’t just end up defending the Hebrew, he ends up murdering the Egyptian.

Wait! He’s the prince of Egypt, couldn’t he have just ordered the man to stop the beating?

One would think so, and it this that leads me to believe that not only did Moses have a temper but he was also impulsive.

He didn’t stop to think about the consequences of his actions, of everything he’d lose in that moment, his royal standing, his lifestyle, his family and possibly his own life. He was angry and he acted on that anger.

How many times in life have we acted out in anger and done something impulsive? Of course, the majority of us haven’t’ committed murder but most of us have done something impulsive that we’ve regretted.


God knows we are going to make mistakes but He loves us anyway. He will always forgive us and He will always work it out for good.

This wasn’t Moses last mistake, there are examples of his insecurities, and disobedience throughout Exodus, yet in the end, Moses purpose of leading his people to the promised land is fulfilled.

We all make mistakes. We all have personality traits that we may consider “curses” but God knows you, knows the choices you will make, and if you let Him, He will turn those curses into blessings.


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