Journal Entry

How’s life as a writer? Well, I’ve been working far more than I want to, therefore, I’m not writing as much as I’d like but it’s all means to an end. Meanwhile, it’s been something like this…Writing, writing, rewriting and revising. Rinse and Repeat!

I do want to say thank you to my wonderful writing group, Writers Helping Writers, as I’ve learned sooo much from them.

I sat down to write for a little while last night and tried to work on something other than my paranormal fiction, but I was sucked right back in. Enoch’s Universe has a tight hold on me!

Italy Kings, Men of Renown, Book one: Forbidden, is being squeezed through the writing group one final time. Unfortunately the editor I had hired worked in non-fiction too much and was making the book quite stale so I had to back out. Once it’s through the writer’s group it will go to an editor who is actually in the group. I know I can work with her and her editing style. Then it’s on to book two. As far as the rest, well, let’s just say they’ve taken a back seat again. Except for this blog. I’m trying to get it back up to par again.

And that’s where I am at.

The never-ending journey of an author continues!


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