Choose Your Own Adventure. Paranormal Fiction.

You wake to the theme music from The Walking Dead, your alarm beckoning you to raise and begin your day. You do a half roll, stretch your arm out and grasp your phone, pulling it towards you just enough to swipe right and silence the noise. You’ve woke to the same music every morning for the last two months, reminding you the world is tainted.

You rub your eyes, stand and walk to the window. Watching the rising fog leave the field behind your house is another ritual you have. Another reminder that just like the fog lifts, so does bad events. Leaving behind either a beautiful day or a gray one, either way, life goes on.

Skyler’s face dances in the forefront of your memory and you groan. One morning of not waking up and thinking about him would be nice. Then again, you have every single class with him. What were you thinking last year when you sat down with him and chose your classes together? Oh yeah. You’d be in love with him forever. You probably would have been had Haley not moved to town. Haley Withrough, tall, blonde, too much makeup, too fake and yet Skyler had fallen for her like a lemming running off a cliff.

Your thoughts are interrupted by yelling outside your front door. You rush to the hall to find your two younger brothers locked in battle. Pulling them apart, you shame them for waking your parents up too early on a Saturday. With the problem resolved, by sending them to their individual rooms, you return to your room to find a text message on your phone.

Sharon: Lake party tonight!!! You going?

You skim your thumbs over the keypad of your phone, debating. Lake parties were always fun, secluded, no adults. The problem was seniors usually brought alcohol and some of them often drank too much. What if Skyler showed up with Haley? That would be miserable.

Another text comes through as you debate.

Sharon: I heard Haley’s grounded so if Skyler’s there you could confront him for dumping you via text.

It would be nice to have a conversation with him without Haley attached. Ever since you received the text about your relationship being over, they seemed to have been attached at the hip. Haley had no qualms about smiling at you every time she made eye contact, as if to rub it in your face.

You text back. : I’ll think about it.

Sharon: Hope you decide to come, it’ll be awesome!

It’s six, and the day has ticked away without you making a decision about the party. You know if you’re going to go, you need to decide now. You can go, possibly run into your ex, who you can confront about the crappy way he broke off your three-year relationship. Or you can stay home and have a horror marathon with your two younger brothers, which sounds loserish but…you have a hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach every time you think about the party. Is it an instinctual warning or just nerves?

Your phone chimes.

Sharon: So am I riding with you or am I catching a ride with my brother? Please don’t make me ride with my brother.

Times up, are you going to the lake party or not?

Comment below with your yes or no answer. I’ll tally the results by next Sunday and we’ll move on with the story! If you can not comment without subscribing or making a WordPress account, feel free to comment on whichever link brought you to this site.

Thanks for reading.

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