I intentionally try to be one of those “annoying” people who will shove your head in the silver lining of your storm.

Why? Because I’ve fought my whole life to be positive.

Why? Because it’s medicine, not only for the soul, the heart and the mind but for the body as well.

Over the years it has become less of an effort, but one always has to be mindful lest we slip back into old habits.

I was complimented by a fellow worker the other day, it made me feel like a million bucks.

She asked where I went to church. When I told her ‘I don’t’ she looked sincerely shocked. I then explained we had yet to find a church we could call home. She smiled and said, ‘I knew you were a Christian because you’re always so positive.’

She had no idea what a compliment that was to me.

I believe being a positive person should be a part of every Christian’s attitude.

Being Positive means:

  1. Have a heart full of love, not hate.
  2. To accept others as they are, for God’s extended you the very same grace.
  3. To forgive and not hold a grudge or seek revenge.
  4.  To be at peace, knowing “this too will pass”.

The most recent lesson God has taught me, which is finally starting to sink in:

5. Everyone has their own path they must walk, you can not force them, and you can not walk it for them. Pointing to God, sharing the truth, sending out heartfelt prayers and living in example of Christ (positivity) is the best thing you can do for them.

Could you imagine the changes in the world if every proclaimed Christian adopted the attitude of positivity?

I am one, you can be another and that’s one more than yesterday, which makes it a beginning.

Disclaimer: It’s not an easy road to walk. You will trip and fall on your face. You will face adversity. You may even fall into pits but if you continue, it will get easier and you will see the changes in your life and the lives of those around you.

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