Open for Business: The Flip Side of Retail

The Flip Side of Retail.

Earlier this week I announced I’d be starting a new feature on my blog. This new feature will be presented in two ways thus far, I may add on depending on the success and suggestions of my readers.

The first is going to start with, Dear Customer.

The Dear Customer presentation will be in letter style. It’s a way to inform customers of what it feels like to us when they are on the other side of the counter, especially those customers who don’t work in retail or even less understanding (generally) are the customers who don’t work with actual customer service.

The second is the story…you know the customers who A. Think they now it all about what they are buying. B. Think they know how the business should be ran. C. Just the bizarre people you encounter throughout the day being in customer service or retail. (Believe me there are some stories there.)

My hope is that my blog is a way for retail and customer service specialists to vent without jeopardizing their jobs. This being said, I highly encourage you to come up with a pen name if you present a story. I will publish under your real name but I don’t recommend it.

I also want my blog to be a way to give customers an inside view of what it feels like on the flip side of the counter.

If you want to present a story for the blog you can email your story to . Use Retail Blog on the subject line so it doesn’t get over looked and don’t forget to include the name you want the story or “letter” written under, recommended – your pen name.

Remember not to use names of either people or businesses and that submitting a story doesn’t guarantee it will be published.


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