Still Here? …Why yes, yes I am.

The hobby/career in the making of writing is a delicate balance. A balance that I’m still learning, as all of you can see with my absence of posting on here.

So where is Poff Publishing? How long before you see an actual  novel posted on Amazon?

Hmm, hopefully before the year is out?

For those who have written a novel and published it, you understand, and if you’re a perfectionist you understand the struggle even more.

I want perfection, despite how impossible that is. You laugh, but I’m being honest. However, I’m well aware of how impossible that is, so instead I’m working towards as close to perfection as I can.

Book one, Forbidden by Italy King is in a resting period. A resting period essential for me as the author to ensure the novel makes sense to you. As creator of the universe the novel is written in, it makes perfect sense to me, but if you don’t understand it, then all of my work is for nothing.

While Italy King is taking her much-needed vacation,  a new novel is in the making and Mary Job and Lance Timor are fighting over who will claim the work.

This new novel is geared for adults where Italy King’s writing, yes I’ve finally admitted it, is more for a YA audience.

I don’t feel that I’m alone in telling you that there are days when I question my own sanity. Why? because there are voices in my head, screaming for attention.

Jameson Peters, Damien Rowe, Zoey Harper, and Lance Timor (author of The Vector Race) are all screaming at me, as their partially written manuscripts collect dust.

Shiloh Drivas is yelling because she has the outline of a book written and yet not one sentence, and in the meantime three more ideas have begun to swat at her head.

L.M.K. Christoph is pushing me to gather all of the poetry and start organizing them into a book.


When Limmy? When do you expect me to do this?

So there it is, ladies and gentlemen a glimpse into the madness of a creative specialist.

To answer your question, yes, yes I am still here.

A little less sane, but all the more creative.


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