Blessed are… 2nd verse


Matthew 5:4 Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Unlike the previous verse of how one should be, this verse is a verse of reassurance. Because of this I won’t be breaking it down. It is a simple yet confounding verse. Jesus is saying, take comfort in knowing it will be okay. Much like when we are hurt as children and our parents tell us it will be okay. We know that our parents are far wiser than us, they are, in most cases, our suns and we have faith in what they tell us. So when they tell us it will be okay, we take comfort in that. God says that to ALL of us. In Matthew 18:2-4 Jesus even states that our faith should be that of a little child. Not jaded by the harshness of this world. Jesus is telling us this. Do not worry, this too shall pass and it will be okay. If we took such great comfort in our parents saying that to us, then how much more comfort should we take in the Most High God telling us that. Whatever it is that causes you to mourn, shall pass, and it will be okay. I believe it is also stating something slightly deeper. Along the lines of, for all the pain and heartache you experience in this life time will feel as nothing once you are in the presence of The Almighty.


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