Fishers of Men

fishing_nets27607Matthew 4:19 is an interesting verse. It seems simple enough, Jesus tells two brothers to follow Him and they did. However, one must analyze this verse to get the true impact of it.

First Peter and Andrew were fishermen. This doesn’t mean they were just two men, chatting it up and fishing for fun. This was their job, it was how they provided for themselves and their families and probably to their community as a whole.

Yet, the verse says they immediately walked away and followed Jesus.

Let’s put this into an easy modern scenario.

I’m just using educated guesses but I would venture to say that fishing was a rather large industry during this time in history. Comparatively, for ease of grasping,  to a Walmart truck driver.

This is no menial job, could you imagine if twenty of Walmart’s truck drivers just quit?  Yes, they would find replacements, but not every one can drive a truck. There’s training and background checks that have to be completed. Walmart can’t just hire anyone off the street. There would be an amount of chaos until it could be soothed over. Not just for Walmart but for the consumer as well. Then you have the drivers themselves. How are they going to pay rent? Buy food? Provide?

Peter and Andrew faced this same scenario, still, they followed Jesus.

What was it that they saw in Him? Was it a supernatural feeling? Was it just an instinctive knowledge of Jesus’ power and meaning? We may never know what it was about Jesus specifically that gave Peter and Andrew the faith to drop everything. The important point is that they did!

Jesus didn’t just say follow me. Underneath, with no words spoken, He said trust Me, don’t worry, believe Me, follow Me and I will give you purpose.

This, as everything He spoke, was a message that has not lost the underlying meaning through out the last two thousand years.

The example of faith that Peter and Andrew had is not only something to admire but something to strive for in our everyday lives.

Will you immediately drop your nets and follow Jesus if He calls you to do so?


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