Happy Thanksgiving!!


Happy Thanksgiving!
     This holiday has become a little controversial and I believe its the victim mentality that has brought this controversy on.
     I do and don’t celebrate Thanksgiving for its original purpose. I am saddened and sickened by the actions of Christopher Columbus and those following him. However, he was “conquering” a land…or “claiming” a land and I can’t think of one example in history where this happened peacefully. Please if you know of one, let me know. This is not an excuse for his actions, it just is what it is. Had he never done this, our great nation wouldn’t exist plain and simple.  No I don’t feel ashamed for what some of my ancestors did. Why? Because to me that’s absurd. I didn’t do it, there is nothing I can do about it. The people it was done to are long gone as are those particular ancestors. The other reason I don’t feel guilty is because I also have native blood, which means some of my ancestors were the victims as well.
     Now that I have said my peace about that, which by the way fits the bill for other self perceived “victims” of long ago atrocities, let me move on to why I don’t believe we should stop celebrating Thanksgiving.
     Thanksgiving is a tradition that’s been around for approximately 500 years… I am sure it wasn’t a sanctioned holiday back in 1492… But my point is, its part of our History. If you want to acknowledge the horrors of what the native people of this land endured during that time, by all means do it, but for goodness sake don’t erase our history! Give a moment of silence for all the lives lost and then celebrate Thanksgiving for the reason we as a nation have moved the holiday towards… A day to pause and be thankful for who and what you have in your life.
     Erasing any history does not change it. However taking away history can erode the foundation of our nation. Not because we must remember all the brutality that this nation was founded with, just as any other nation in the world, but rather to remember the sacrifices made. If we are not taught about the sacrifices, whether they were willing or not, then we will begin to take what we have for granted and our nation will fall.

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