The Twitter book

Lucio Salazar is the antagonist-sort of- in my The Men of Renown Series and as with every story there are two sides.

Lucio and Alexandria’s love story is no exception. Lucio is assigned as Alexandria’s guardian when she is born and she’s had him wrapped around her finger even before she knew he existed. When Alexandria is eight years old a driver’s eyes leave the road to change the radio station and strikes Alex fatally with their car. Lucio can’t bring himself to allow her to die and does what is forbidden, he heals her. Unknown to him, this is just the beginning of a long foretold prophecy. (The prophecy is discussed in Book 2 of The Men of Olde Series). Lucio goes back to the shadows and continues to be her guardian, not having contact with her for another fifteen years. When Lucio has no choice but to come in contact with her again to prevent the death of his beloved cousin, Santiago, Alex is no longer a child but a women, a beautiful one at that and Lucio is blindsided by his need for her. Determined not to break the rules this time, his actions cause nothing but pain and suffering for Alex as he refuses to give in to her pleading to help her understand what she is becoming and even more so her need for him.

Forbidden: Book 1 in The Men of Renown Series is getting into the final stages of development but if you want to know more you can get glimpses of Lucio’s side on Twitter. Just do a search for #Lucio Salazar and you can read as the story unfolds from his point of view.

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