A Short Story to celebrate Halloween!

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Honeycomb Mansion : A Tiny Tale of Terror.

Barb Lennon rolled her eyes at her younger sister and snagged her hand. “Let’s go!” Kali had ruined Barb’s night, heck Kali had ruined Barb’s life. Barb had been her daddy’s little girl until Kali came along. Barb’s world had changed, Be quite, you’ll wake Kali, we can’t do that until Kali’s older, set an example for Kali, share with Kali, wait for Kali, Kali, Kali, Kali… The thoughts made Barb squeeze her sisters hand harder as she escorted her to the house next door. “Ring the bell!”

Kali reached up and pushed the button, a loud obnoxious evil laughter rang out.  Barb rolled her eyes again, some people just went too far with the Halloween stuff. “Twick or tweet.” Kali held her green plastic pumpkin up as George Caste opened the door.

“Well aren’t you a beautiful princess Kali.” He put a king size candy bar in Cali’s pumpkin and turned his attention to Barb.  “I didn’t hear you say anything.”

“I’m a little old, don’t you think?”

“You’re only thirteen Barb, don’t be so desperate to grow up.  You’ll wish you could trick or treat at my age.”

“No I won’t, I won’t be forced to serve miss princess.” Barb jerked Kali’s arm to ensure George knew who she was referring to.

George narrowed his eyes at her, “You should be careful where your heart is on this night Barb. The vial is thinner and little demons can snatch those with evil thoughts a lot easier tonight than any other night.”

“Whatever, can I have a candy bar or not?”

“Sure, but if you don’t believe me go to the back of the Honeycomb mansion. There’s a graveyard back there full of people that were snatched up on Halloween night because of their evil thoughts.”

Barb laughed, “I’ve been behind the Honeycomb mansion, and there isn’t a graveyard back there.”

George put a candy bar in Barb’s black plastic pumpkin, “Oh it’s there Barb, you just can’t see it any other night. I was told that when you’re snagged by one of those demons it doesn’t kill you, they bury you alive with only a small whole to stare out of. They say that if you go back there on Halloween night you can see the hands of the dead waving for help, some of the hands don’t even have skin because they had to rip it off in order for it to fit through the hole.”

“That’s stupid, I’ll go there tonight and take pictures and you’ll see.” Barb pulled her cell phone out and showed him.

“Be mindful of your thoughts Barb.” George smiled at her before closing the door.

“We’re not weally going to go are we Barb?” Kali looked up at her with fright in her eyes.

“Don’t be a baby, and according to George you have nothing to worry.” Barb grabbed her sister’s hand and dragged her to the next house.

They had covered three blocks before Kali started whining to Barb that her legs were hurting, “You’re such a baby. Come on, let’s get my pictures to prove George he’s stupid and then we can go home.”

“I don’t want to go there, it’s scawy.” Kali protested as Barb headed in the direction of the Honeycomb mansion.

Kali tried pulling her hand out of Barbs grip but Barb tightened her hold as she turned to her sister. “Look, I took you three blocks and I didn’t want to take you at all, so you owe me. Now come on.”

They arrived at the front of the abandoned mansion minutes later. Barb looked up at the large building unable to control the shiver that went down her spine.

“Pwease Barb.” Kali protested again, her voice shaking.

“Shut it!” Barb pulled her sister around the right side of the property and through the break in the fence that her and every other kid in the neighborhood knew about.  They worked their way through the large path leading through the hedges that outlined the property. It was a lot harder in the dark, especially tonight, as there was only a sliver of moonlight. Finally they exited the hedges to the overgrown front yard and Barb let out a breath. Kali sniffled behind her, “Why are you crying, you see there is nothing here.” Barb turned around to face her sister, her annoyance growing.

“I got scwatched.”

Barb used the flashlight on her cell phone to look at her sisters face, a long scratch ran from her mouth to her temple, “Oh good going Kali, now Dad’s going to yell at me. You better tell him you tripped or I won’t take you to the park ever again.”

“Can’t we just go home now?”

“No, we’re already through the hard part. We just have to walk around to the back of the house and snap a few pictures, let’s go.”

Barb led the way around the side of the mansion. The weeds were three foot high in some places and she ensured she held tight to Kali’s hand knowing it would be too easy to lose her. The honeycomb mansion wasn’t like the scary mansions in a horror movie, for one thing it was one story. For another, it was true to its name, it was round and looked like a gigantic honeycomb.  Vines had long ago claimed the walls as their own, and moss acted as shoes to the once beautiful house. In the day, it was still quite pretty despite its degradation but now under the shadow of night, it looked ominous.  They rounded the corner and Barb’s hair stood on end, she felt as if they weren’t the only ones there. She turned to Kali, whose eyes were wide with fear, and put her finger to her lips. They carefully made their way towards the middle of the yard, where a large fountain stood.

“Boo!” A young boy jumped out from the grass. Both Kali and Barb screamed, Kali jerked her hand free from Barb and ran towards the mansion.

“Jeremy you jerk!” Barb screamed at the boy she recognized from school. She turned in time to see her sisters’ hair as she ran into the mansion. “Look what you did!”

The boy was laughing so hard tears were running down his cheeks until Barb punched him, “Ouch!” Jeremy rubbed his arm and glared at her.

“You have to go in there and get my sister out!”

“No way, she’s not my sister. That was priceless, I should have recorded it.” Jeremy started laughing again as he walked away.

Barb sighed, she took her phone out, turned the camera on and held her finger on the screen as she twirled around slowly, the sound of the camera snapping pictures seem to echo into the night. “Kali, it was a joke come on!” she walked towards the door that she had seen her sister go in. Her phone dinged and she paused to read a text from her Dad telling her it was time to come home. She quickly text him back that they had one more house and then they would be on their way. She took another step before it dinged again. Did they want a ride, after all Kali’s feet must be tired. Of course, screw my feet they could fall off for all he cared, just make sure princess Kali’s feet weren’t hurting. Rolling her eyes and sighing Barb let him know they were fine and would get home sooner if she didn’t have to stop every two seconds to answer a text from him. He then informed her they would be having a conversation about her attitude when she got home, What’ s new. Kali decided they would stop by George’s before they went home just to show him the pictures she had taken. Distracted by the thought of the pictures Kali hit gallery on her phone and began scrolling through her snap shots. The hair on her body stood on end as she stared at each picture, her heart thumped against her ribs and she could barely breath. The first two seemed normal but then something caught her eye. There  appeared to be a hand coming from the ground, and then another and another. There wasn’t a foot of dirt that didn’t have a hand coming out of it, and just like Barb had been told, not all of them had skin, though I few were still dripping with blood. A few pictures later a shadow appeared. It seem to be getting closer and closer with each shot. Barb’s heart felt like it stopped when she heard the sound of a foot step behind her. She felt something touch her foot and opened her mouth to scream as she saw a hand reaching for her from the dirt at her feet.


Kali Hall arrived home less than ten minutes after her Dad had sent his text. She was in tears explaining that her big sis had dragged her into the honeycomb mansions backyard and a boy had jumped out scaring them. Upset, Kali had run straight home, she never entered the honeycomb mansion.

No one ever saw Barbara Hall again, but they found her cell phone… with the strangest of pictures on it.

horror x 2
Written By Damien Rowe
Presented by Poff Publishing ©2015. All Rights Reserved.

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