Poff Publishing Explained

As a writer I write many different genre’s, I just can’t stick with one as my imagination is much too vast. At this moment my mind is focused on my paranormal fiction, but I need breaks occasionally and other writings come into play. That’s what Poff Publishing is, it is an umbrella for all my writing, no matter the genre. Here is an explanation of the logo and a list of the different pen names I will be using, each will be implemented on WP as I work all this into a working format.

cropped-250px-a_decagon.png       Poff Publishing Logo


paranormal fiction

Significance of Symbol: Helm of Awe. It was a magical symbol worn by Vikings for invincibility., but the name is fitting for paranormal in my mind.

Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Author: Italy King

Significance of authors name: I liked the name Italy and the last name is after a friend who I served with in the military and lost to a tragic training accident.


Significance of symbol: This is the symbol of the greek god Deimos (or Deimus). He was considered the god of fear, dread and terror.

Genre: Horror

Author: Damien Rowe

Significance of authors name: None, except the name Damien is close to the name Deimos.


Significance of symbol: West African Wisdom: Adinkra: symbol of wisdom, creativity and the complexities of life

Genre: Poetry

Author: L.M.K. Christoph

Significance of authors name: The first initials of three of my best friends along with the beginning of my husband’s name.


 Significance of symbol: A seed sprouting and becoming a gigantic tree, nothing is more of a mystery of how something small becomes something so incredible

Genre: Mystery

Author:  Saul Miracle

Significance of authors name: The mystery of how you go from a persecuting zealot to one of the biggest influences in history is part of the intrigue and mystery of our Heavenly Father.


Significance of symbol: The tree of life, each branch slices through the trunk to branch out and become something beautiful, such as humans in life.

Genre: Drama/Inspirational

Author: Mary Job

Significance of authors name: After Mary Bowser, an educated slave who spied on the south from inside Jefferson Davis’ house and the biblical Job who suffered unbelievable persecution and still stood strong.


Significance of symbol: Everlasting Love. The figure represents two people, joined in body, mind, and spirit in everlasting love. A Celtic symbol of everlasting love is formed from two triskeles. The triskeles, three cornered knots, denote the three aspects of two people, body, mind and spirit. The two triskeles, joined together, show a circle, the everlasting circle of eternity.

Genre: Romance

Author: Zoey Harper

Significance of authors name: None


Significance of symbol: No significance other than it fits the genre

Genre: Fantasy

Author: Shiloh Drivas

Significance of authors name: none


Significance of symbol: Listed as one of the symbols of Aphrodite

Genre: Erotica

Author: Jameson Peters

Significance of authors name: A mix of names in the industry


Significance of symbol: Japanese


Author: Lance Timor

Significance of authors name: The middle name of my husband, no other significance


Significance of symbol: None, it’s a spaceship in a star- very sci-fi-ish

Genre: Science Fiction

Author: Tustin Estron

Significance of authors name: Name of a city in California that I liked.

i have started story’s for six out of the ten genre’s along with and idea for one of the others. I make no promise as to when each genre will come out only time will tell as I said my focus is on the paranormal fiction and the rest are written during break times. I hope that will help now and in the future as I continue to write and you continue to read!

© 2015 Poff Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


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