Learning, growing and changing!

As I continue my journey of being a new author, I find new learning experiences around every corner and though I should not be surprised by this sometimes I am. I attended a meeting last weekend that was put on by three people in my local writers group. The topic was “Publishing” and I went to it with a little reservation, I already have a novella published, I already know the amount of work that goes into self-publishing and I already know that I don’t want to do traditional publishing. However, I have always felt that if there is room to grow, grow. I am very glad that I went. The first thing that the meeting did was reaffirm my decision to self-publish.

For me it was all about control. I love the story’s that I create, but that love does not surpass the energy that it takes to create a book. Not to sound greedy, but my sweat, my money, I have no want to allow someone else to take that money from me. The other control issue is, I don’t want deadlines, I don’t need someone breathing down my neck squelching my creativity. I guess it goes back to the childish thoughts “This is my kingdom, I created it, I rule it, I am the queen and no one tells the queen what to do.” now granted, readers are the people of my kingdom and like any fair queen I listen to them but for this I am talking about an agent and a traditional publicist. This was before the meeting, now my eyes have been opened to the other reason that the traditional publishing is not for me, the contracts, the promises, the restrictions, and quite frankly the rip-off that occurs many times over. Disagree? Let’s talk about when a book store buys your books and doesn’t sell them, let’s talk about how they work it so you never see a dime of the five cents per dollar that you have agreed your work is worth. No thank you. I am not saying I would never publish traditionally, as I have learned never say never…but it better be one heck of a deal.

Along with the affirmation of my choice to self-publish, I was also made aware of some of my mistakes.

First and foremost, I didn’t put “about me” pages at the end of my novella as I should have.

Second, my cover is cool but has little to do with the genre of my novella.

Third, I didn’t label it correctly when I put it on Amazon.

Last but not least, I used my real name not a  pen name. What’s the big deal about that? It’s not my only genre. I write almost every genre out there. So let’s say you pick up a novel by Dean Koontz and open it up to find its a romance novel, I don’t imagine you would be too thrilled, even if it was written by Dean Koontz, you were expecting horror.  This is why pen names are essential for a writer such as myself.

Taking all of these lessons into account, changes are coming. I will be pulling my novella from Amazon with in the next six months. I will be improving a few things here and there within the novella, not much just a few mistakes I found upon reading it. I will be changing the cover and I will be using the pen name for my paranormal fiction, which is Italy King. I have made a logo for Poff Publishing that I will post an explanation of shortly along with the pen names. To sum it up, Poff Publishing is the umbrella that all of my books will be published under, but each genre will have a different pen name.

Another lesson learned, and another step taken on my journey!

©Poff Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


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