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Book 1: Forbidden

Alex Castillo grew up an only child in a are normal, American family. At least that’s what Alex believed until an angelic man walked into her work one day. Alex has no idea that her life would never be the same. Not only does she find out she is not pure human, but she is not alone and her kind has been walking the earth side by side with humans since the beginning of time. Every supernatural legend is simply a story of her kinds interaction with humans, from The Bible to Roman and Greek mythology to legends of vampires and werewolves. Every legend has some truth in it, some more than humans would ever believe.

Book 2: Enlightenment

Alex Castillo’s story continues as she begins to learn what it means to be … whatever she is. She is still forbidden to ask questions about what she is but when she get’s the wedding and man of her dreams she could care less. That is until she gets a glimpse of the many truths around her. 

Book 3: The Secret Pond

Alex Castillo’s is trying to learn to become Alex Salazar. What it means to be a spouse and granddaughter to members of The Sect that she is not allowed to discuss. She is taught quickly the cold truths of consequences when she begins to dig too deeply to find the truth. Her life was shattered the day she said ‘I do’, she just hadn’t known it.

Book 4: Death and Rebirth- **This novel will be split in to two or perhaps three smaller novels, as it sits at 218,728 words for the first draft—

Alex’s life has been anything but normal since she was awakened twelve years ago. Now she is realizing that she will never have that normal life again. Despite Anthriel’s warnings of keeping good in her heart, her life has been filled with grief and pain over and over again, how much more is she expected to take?

The next few novels will be from the children’s point of views. The first three will be individual novels from the older three children s point of views. The younger seven Salazar children which each have their own stories as well, though I haven’t decided whether they will each have their own novels or if they will all have chapters in two or three novels. Here are a few samples from their novels, all still in the early stages of work… so they may change.

1. “I have no interest in her like that Jeremiah, she is my sister.” Castor said trying to keep his voice respectful, Jeremiah was in many ways a father to him but none the less he scared him.

“Is that the only reason?” Jeremiah looked up the boy in front of him, it had amazed him how much the boy had become a darker skinned version of his father, in both looks and demeanor.

“With all due respect, she’s a manipulating bitch.” Castor said tired of the game that Jeremiah was playing.  Jeremiah stood suddenly and Castor stepped back involuntarily. He watched as Jeremiah came around the desk with his head down and his brow creased in deep thought. Castor’s heart had sped up tremendously and he focused on getting it back to normal. Calling Jeremiah’s little princess a manipulating bitch probably wasn’t the best idea on his part but Jeremiah had been bugging him for months about becoming her possessor once they both came of age. To Jeremiah it made perfect sense, they were raised together as siblings but had no blood relation and they were both Vesilias Sicarii, so they were equal. The idea had no appeal to Castor however, he had been kind calling Kadence a bitch, there were more choice words that he felt would be more suiting for her but he didn’t have a death wish.

“Son…” Jeremiah said taking a breath, he looked up at Castor with an almost painful smile on his face. “All women are manipulative bitches.”

Castor shook his head, he would never believe this, “No, My Mama…”

Jeremiah interrupted him with a hardy laugh, “Your Mama? Who do you think Kadence learned it from Castor?”

2. Who am I?  Oh the words that could be spoken about who I am.  Let’ s start simple, something even mere humans can understand.  My name is Noah Brae Castillo and I am as close to as immortal as anyone can become.  But I am ahead of the story that matters to you, for I am the reason that the humans know about us and although I have been scolded, beaten and cast out for this, I still don’t care.  I am, well rather my kind is the Apex Predator in this world and it’s only a matter of time when the only species close to being competition is wiped off the face of the earth.  No matter, again I am getting ahead of the story.  So let me back up.  Who is Noah Castillo?  I am gorgeous as far as human standards go and at first glance I can have any human I want male or female.  I know, I know, I sound haughty and full of myself and I have to admit that I am a little, but for good reason.  I am speaking the truth.  

3.  “Ms. Salazar?” A voice behind Angelina said catching her attention.

Angelina turned to see a young man in his early twenties smiling at her nervously. He was slender with light brown hair and hazel eyes. He looked kind and weak compared to the men she was used to being around and it was a nice change. She couldn’t help the smile that came to her face at him calling her Ms. Salazar,  she was thirteen far from a Miss and that was what everyone called her mother, “Angie is fine, please don’t call me Ms. Salazar, that’s my mother.” Angelina said walking to him and holding her hand out.

“Of course.” He said taking it lightly, she couldn’t remember ever meeting anyone so nervous and her heart went out to him.

“Harry, right?” She asked pulling her hand away from his grasp.

“Henry.” He said with a smile.

“Henry…” Angelina said correcting herself, she felt a little bad that she had got his name wrong, but that was the least of her worries if any of Kadence’s dreams were prophetic. She did her best to give a reassuring smile at the bundle of nerves in front of her, “You don’t need to be so nervous.” She said, making her voice as friendly as possible.

4. Kadence ensured that Henry was gone before she stopped shuffling and raised her head, she hated acting like an in confident twit but it worked and she had to admit she was good at it.  She found his office easy enough, another twenty something year old male sat behind a small desk, apparently Henry was important enough to require a secretary. She watched the man for a moment thinking how inadequate humans were, the man was oblivious to her presence. She took the moment to study him, he was short, maybe five two she guessed and a little chubby. He had thick glasses that kept sliding down his greasy, black head spotted nose and he would push them up with his dirty chubby finger, rinse and repeat. Kadence cringed when she noticed the dirt under his nails, it looked like it had been there for weeks.  There was no reason why this man should be allowed to continue this way, she decided. She delved into his mind and found out his name before she spoke, using a nickname he had been teased with in elementary school, “Excuse me dirty Stan.” Kadence said, she sounded like the annoying teenager she appeared to be.

The man looked up, a hurt and angry look on his face and Kadence smiled, she was going to have fun with this, after all she had forty-five minutes, and when she was done she would make him a better person, well at the least cleaner.

Around the time frame of the children’s novels the series The Men of Renown will begin to merge into The Men of Olde (see other tab for its info) (to be updated soon)  and they will become one… the name for this combination is yet to be determined. Then the Novels of this new combo will begin with the build up to the apocalypse (not the one you think you know, alternate universe and all) which will consist of two to three novels before and during this monumental time. There will then be one or two post-apocalyptic novels as well.

Here is one  sample of  pre apocalyptic

Alex looked out at her army, without Lucious, who were going to control them? And the newest work of her and her son’s, the front line, they were more animals than anything. She saw it clearly then, the end for human’s was here and she was the mother of the creatures who would wipe them out.

And an example of the post-apocalyptic

We must fix this.” Alex said staring at Lucious.

“How do you propose we fix this Mother, we have won, the earth belongs to us.”

“This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.”

Lucious stood, he was aggravated, him and his brothers had worked hard to accomplish what his mother had wanted and now she was saying that it was wrong. “What did you think was going to happen?”

“Not this, Lucious those things, they are not, there is not even an inkling of humanity in them, they are truly monsters.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Destroy them.” Alex said turning to her son and looking him in the eye, knowing he was incapable of disobeying her.

“Mother!” Xavier said stepping forward.

“No, I mean it.”

“But, we will feel every death, those are our descendants.” He said.

“And you will live!”

Yes, it is an entire universe stuck in my head screaming to get out. It is all a work in progress and though I know I can type the first draft in a matter of weeks for each novel it is the polishing that takes the longest. I do not want to put a badly put together novel out there for you to read. I love the story of the Castillo, Salazar and Shay families as they are forever circling in my head and I want you to love them as well, so please have some patience. 🙂

© 2015, Poff Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


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