Daily Positive!


This can be said for the victim or the victee ( I know that’s not really a word 😉 )…you can forget the hurt you have caused someone, but never forget what it taught you!

We’ve all done it, said or did something not so loving. Whether it’s to a spouse, a sibling, a co-worker, a friend or that waitress that caught you on a bad day. I don’t know about you but my conscience, although meant to be my best friend can also turn into my worst enemy. Though I don’t always succeed at catching myself being a…jerk in the moment, I usually can look back at my day and realize I was. There are days when I think, eh, nothing I can do about it now unless the person is within communication distance. I Pray to God to forgive me for not being a great example of Christ. I know I am forgiven and I can forgive myself and move on. Then there are days, weeks, months and sometimes years here and there where it grates and grates, sometimes even after I have apologized numerous times. Why is it that m conscience keeps bothering us about past mistakes? I think there may be two explanations. The first is that Satan can and will use your conscience against you if you let him. In other words he’ll be glad to make you feel guilty for years even though God and possibly the person you have hurt have already forgiven you. Pray, pray  and pray, oh and my favorite is telling him to shut his mouth. The second reason may be because  you haven’t learned your lesson. You snapped at the waitress three months ago and you didn’t mean to hurt her, you felt bad asked for forgiveness, after all you were just having a bad day. Today you snapped at the Bagger at the supermarket because you’re having a bad day. You didn’t learn the lesson, obviously. So regret, regret is the word I was going for today, is a good thing in this situation. If you can’t figure out why you still regret something you did or said to someone in the past, evaluate the present, are you still doing the same things? Maybe it’s time for a change.

I pray that everyone has a blessed day!!!



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