Daily Positive

3 H’s

Healthy, Happy Hobbies

I often write about balance as being part of a positive lifestyle and part of balance is having hobbies- healthy, happy hobbies.

Don’t have a hobby? It’s easier then you think. Think back to when you were five, what did you enjoy doing? That’s what a hobby should be,something that brings you back to the time when life was full of wonder.

I have several hobbies that I have carried over from childhood. I write because I can create my own world, something I did as a child. Of course as a child I acted out those worlds, as an adult I simply write about them. I hike, I love nature. I grew up on ten acres in northern Colorado and it seemed that I was constantly playing outside, exploring. I still do this, often finding bugs, or wondering off trails toward something that looks interesting.

I have several new hobbies that I have acquired as an adult as well, shooting, both guns and bows. Video games, photography, tennis and I am currently learning how to play Magic the Gathering ( at my husbands request).

There are many more hobbies that I am interested in taking up as well and will do as I can. The most important factor that I take into account for deciding which hobbies to pursue is the balance factor. For every indoor and sedentary hobby that I choose I do my best to choose another that is outdoor and active.

Bored? Find two new hobbies or find old ones and chase them like you did as a child, it’s worth it, I promise.

I pray that everyone has a blessed day!


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