Writing career update

The original reason for me creating this blog was to promote my twin novel series.

“The Men of Renown” and “The Men of Olde” along with the companion series of novellas, “A Snippet of Time.” All a work in progress…

I have one of the Novellas published on Kindle, “Juliet’s Novella”, please feel free to look it up, its a mere $2.99 and its a way for you to see into this realm I have created.
The first Novel of The Men of Renown series is in the looong editing process and is being polished into a pearl as we speak (hopefully)…
I very recently began work on the first Novel of The Men of Olde Series and another Snippet of Time is still circling in the back of my mind.
I have any where from ten to twenty novels for these series in my head and on paper, the first few chapters of the first ten novels have already been completed.  Along with these there will be several companion Novellas so my writing won’t be coming to a halt anytime soon!
I don’t want to set a date as to when the first Novel will be ready as the polishing process is taking about ten times longer than writing it took. (Not much of an exaggeration there as the first draft was completed in about three month.) However I will continue to blog and in another month or two I will be able to start putting teasers up as I did for the Novel.

Thanks to everyone for their support!
Loves to all!


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