Morning Positive!


Sometimes letting go is extremely hard, whether it’s people, things or even a hobby, but faith gives us the ability. If we believe God has a better plan, than we must stop fighting the forward momentum He has set up for us. 

When I first joined the service I was horrible at running, but eventually with the right motivation and leadership I got desent at it, more importantly I began to like it. After I got off active duty I maintained my ability to running and still enjoyed it. Unfortunately about four to five years after this I got, what I thought of as a minor neck injury (minor meaning I never reported it and never went to the doctor ) while working in the oil and gas industry. Ever since then every time I have decided that I want to start running again, it only takes one run, usually less than a mile, and I’m in pain, by pain I mean in consistent need of ibuprofen, hot baths and messages with tiger balm, for four weeks or longer. Yes, I have gone to the VA several times about this and they have never been able to figure it out. I could easily say that I have attempted to start running again about fifteen to twenty times if not more over the last six years and every time with the same results, pain for weeks and sometimes months. So I thought maybe it’s time to give up on the running, maybe God has something better in mind. Therefore I will pursue other less jarring aerobic activities and see where it gets me.

I think there are many of us out there, by us I mean people that don’t want to give up, or let go of that one thing, or person because well its something you know you enjoy. However, sometimes God is closing that door so he can open an even brighter, better and more fulfilling one, I have faith, do you?

I pray that everyone has a blessed day!


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