Morning Positive!!


I love this saying, it reminds us what true friendship is.

Do you remember the friendship bracelets from childhood? They were neat and a way to let the world know that you were the best of friends with someone. I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up but I had my best friend and she meant the world to me. As an adult I am blessed to have three “best” friends and I would do anything for them, I am also confident that they would do anything for me as well.


I always thought these were funny, in reality a best friend would never drag you into a bad situation. 😉

I cherish all of my friends but everyone should have at least that one friend, I am truly blessed to have three, that you know won’t judge you and will love you know matter what.

In order to create a friendship like this you must be willing to be vulnerable enough to let them in to see the real you.

You must also  be willing to accept the real them without judgment.

Sometimes this is hard on both sides, but believe me when I tell you that it is worth it!


Have a blessed day everyone!


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