Morning Positive!

Let’s talk about being thankful this morning.

I am thankful for being born in The United States of America.  Even with all the turmoil our country is in, we are still blessed.

Before I go any farther I have to say how sorry I am and how much my heart goes out to the family’s of the Marines and Sailor that were killed in a cowardly act of terrorism. I served in the Marine Corps for seven years and I am actually furious that this has happened and that our president seems to have taken it so lightly, however that is a different subject matter all together.

Back to the subject at hand, being thankful. This is only a small list of how blessed we are in this great country of why I am thankful for being born in the United States. I want to say that I shouldn’t have to explain this but  sadly I do because there are so many citizens that don’t understand how good we have it compared to other country’s.

Reason # 1, We don’t have to live in fear walking out our door everyday,_2015

Reason # 2, We can hate our government and speak out against them without fear of serious retribution unlike other people from all over the world.

Reason #3, We have access to clean drinking water                                                                         Q

Reason #4, There are programs to help us with all kinds of things ( I don’t have a problem people using these, I do however have a problem with people who abuse them.)

Reason #5, We can have relationships with whom we please with out fear of government retribution.

Reason #6, Hate crimes are illegal in our country.

Reason #7, Children are protected by the law

Reason #8, Women are considered equal in our country, they are not mutilated, they are not forced to obey and be second best, they are allowed to talk.

Reason #9, For all those disrespectful people who have no idea how thankful they should be, we can desecrate our own flag without fear of being arrested, or even executed by our own government.

Reason #10, Freedom of Religion, even though this seems to be under attack- A LOT lately- we are still safe from being tortured and killed for our religion.



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