Morning Positive!!


Lets talk about healthy relationships because what can be a more joyous and positive than a beautiful relationship. My first word of advice is to learn to love yourself enough to be okay by yourself. Relationships, whether we are discussing friendships or the more intimate type are good, when they are healthy. A healthy relationship must start with two healthy individuals. Yes, I am talking about mental and emotional health but I am also talking about physical health. I am of the belief that a lot of people could spare themselves the agony of bad relationships if they would just work on getting physically healthy. As an individual you feel your best (mental and emotional health) when you feel good physically. Feeling good physically is a self-esteem booster and a step closer to loving yourself. As you progress in your physical health, whether it’s walking a mile, lifting ten pounds or doing an iron man competition you also gain self-esteem. You began to realize that you are not so bad and if you can accomplish this then what else can you do? It is a snowball affect and that’s the point. Soon you will begin to like yourself and before long you will begin to love yourself, and loving yourself is okay. Just because you love yourself doesn’t mean that you are selfish unless you allow it to become an unhealthy love. Loving yourself means that you know yourself, you enjoy spending time with yourself, (you should as you will be with yourself the rest of your life),and that you respect yourself. When you respect yourself you will not allow anyone else not to. This means that you will be more likely to only let people in your life who are good for you and in turn you will find the person with whom you can have a healthy relationship with, after all you deserve nothing less.


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