Morning Postive!

July 10thx3

Ah, it is mid-morning again. I went on a walk-about this morning as I have lived her for about a month and a half and have done little when it comes to exploring the area. I live in a tiny neighborhood off of a four lane highway so I was under the impression that walking might be a bit dangerous. However on my walk-about this morning I discovered that there is a small foot trail on the otherside of this four lane highway. I went for a little walk down a country road that led to a dead end but I must admit that it was nice to get out and start exploring the area in which I live. Something that I plan on doing a little everyday, though I probably won’t write about it everyday.

I hope that I have maintained somewhat of an audience as I have taken you on this journey of going from a Negative Nuisance to a Positive Power. We have taken several steps and we are ready to began taking control of the power we have when we are positive. Let’s do a quick review of the steps for anyone just joining us and then I will talk about this final step on how to become powerful, powerful in the sense that you can control your life and in that your happiness.

Step One-become painfully aware of the words that you are saying

Step Two – Shut your mouth

Step Three – say oops and move on

Step Four – but followed by a positive

Step Five -spin the negative into a positive

Step Six-say the positive

and now…

Step Seven- become powerful in your positive words by making positive assumptions, taking action and passing on the positivity…

July 10th

Let’s use Ross as an example, I like the change I am beginning to see in Ross and I hope that you are seeing the change in you as well. We know Ross’s story, he knows that their is a christmas party and he hasn’t been invited, now we are going to back up and instead of Ross asking someone about the invitation as I had him do in another example, he takes the power into his own hands by making a positive assumption. “I haven’t been invited yet, perhaps they haven’t had a chance to ask, I will go find out!” This next step is a little daring and scary to some but it’s the idea of taking action. Instead of asking a co-worker because he is worried that the person throwing the party doesn’t like him, he make’s the positive assumption that it has nothing to do with him and then goes to the source. By making that positive assumption and taking action Ross finds out that not only was he going to be invited but the co-worker throwing the party is a little overwhelmed and Ross takes yet another positive action by volunteering to help. The Christmas party is a hit and Ross has made a few friends, thanks to the power of the positive assumption and taking actions Ross’ life is starting to look up! He also begins to notice negative comments coming from other co-workers and instead of agreeing with them he begins to point out the positive aspects that are becoming easier and easier for him to notice and talk about, he is passing on the positivity.

Of course when faced with the negative comments of his co-workers it would be easy for him to fall back into his old ways as you will find this to be true as well, but know that in order for you to become a true optimist you must spread the positivity and that has been your goal from the beginning, has it not?

I truly hope that this quick little lesson on positivity has helped, although it was never my intention to make it last seven days I think that it ending with the Lords number is pretty awesome. I hope that everyone has a blessed weekend and I will leave you with one thought about the power of the tongue…

It can build you and those around you up


or it can break you down

July 10thx2

That choice is yours.

new july

Negative and Cold  or   Positive and Warm


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