Morning Positive!!

july 3rd blog

I am celebrating the fact that I am actually posting this in the morning as it should be!

I am not sure about other people but I am an analyst at heart. There are times when this trait is a burden as I tend to over think issues, words and thoughts. However this trait steered in the right direction can be an extremely positive attribute. Often times I find myself pondering on how I might make the world a better place. I am not talking about huge revolutionary changes, though it is possible, I am simply talking about the little steps I might take. One of these little steps that I feel can have a profound impact on those around me is the power of positivity. As a matter of fact if I could turn the knowledge of this power into an airborne pathogen, I would. This of course is an impossible feat, however I do tell others as often as I can how different their lives can be by just tweaking their train of thought. On my Morning Positve post yesterday I gave a scenario on how being a Negative Nuisance becomes a self-fullfilling prophetic curse for more negativity in your life, and the first step in overcoming this destructive way of thinking is to first recognize it. Become painfully aware of every negative word you speak. As a believer I have to tell you that a simple prayer for the Holy Spirits nudge will help you tremenduously. If you are not a believer then maybe you could pray anyways, after all if you don’t believe God exists, what could it hurt to pray?

Regardless of your beliefs, becoming aware of your negative words is the first step in going from a Negative Nuisance to a Powerful Positive Person, the next step is even harder. Oh, hey, I never promised you this would be easy right? The next step is far easier to say then to do. Stop the negative comments from leaving your lips. As you practice becoming more aware of your negative words, you will start to become aware of them as thoughts before they get a chance to escape your lips. When this happens you are ready for step two and it is simply said, shut your mouth. If you have to suck your lips in to prevent the words from coming out do so, clamp your lips tight until the muscles of your jaw ache, hum or sing, do anything to prevent the negative comments from coming out. As far as writers, you don’t get it any easier, this applies to writing as well. Your voice is in the words you type, therefore stop your fingers from stroking the keys if it is going to be negative! I know it is very easy for me to tell you to do this and an entirely different thing for you to practice, but you must, as optimism is a habit not something most people are born with. This will become a habit, it is not something that you will ever beable to stop practicing but I promise you it is well worth it.

Going from a  Negative Nuisance to a Powerful Positive is the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone around you.



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