Morning? Positive


Again I am  late posting and I am beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t change the name to daily positive instead.

I was thinking about the power of positivity and how it works, and I believe I was given an understanding today that I did not have in the past. I believe that speaking and thinking in a negative manner stems from a feeling of hoplessness and is a vicious cycle like so many negative things in the world.

Let me give you a quick narrative.

Ross works at a well known advertising firm and is good at his job. What Ross is not good at is being positive. Dale, one of Ross’ co-workers decides to throw a Christmas party and wants to invite everyone at the office personaly, which is well over one hundred people so he knows it will take him awhile. Ross hears about the party as people begin to talk about it through the office but because Dale has not invited him yet, his negative thinking kicks in. “I probably won’t be invited because they don’t like me.” Because of this line of thinking Ross becomes extremely standoffish with all of his co-workers. Dale ends up not inviting Ross because he has a feeling that Ross does not want to come.

Negativity not only stems from hoplessness, Ross feeling hopeless that people will like him, but it continues to be a cycle because it ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I realize that breaking this cycle like any cycle is extremely difficult but it can be done. I have gone from being fairly negative person in my young adult life to the positive person I am now, although I still have my bouts of Negative Nuisance moments, I don’t want to use the term Negative Nancy as Nancy is still a common name. The first step that I took in changing from a pessimestic person to an optimestic person is that I became aware of my words. I believe that it was nudging through the Holy Spirit as I began to not only notice but realize how negative the words were that were coming out of my mouth.  Whether they were complaints about myself, my situation or others I became painstakingly aware of them.

This is the first step I have for you, if you want to go from a pessimist to an optimist become painfully aware of the words that you are saying.

Tomorrow I will tell you the next step in going from a Negative Nuisance to a Powerful Positive.


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