Morning Positive!

The post from yesterday helped inspire the post for today. I realized that while doing the exercise I mentioned one might get a glimpse into thier own way of thinking. Perhaps the amount of time that passes before your imagination throws a negative image at you has just as much to do with your way of thinking as it does the outside and unkind world. As the world around us swirls in an unseen war of love and hate we must examine the battle that is also going on inside us. Do we think the glass is half empty? This is a common saying for those who are considered pessimistic, the definition  is as such, “Having the tedency to expect only bad outcomes.” Do we see the glass as half full? This, the common saying for those who are considered optimistic, the definition being , “disposed to take a favorable view of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome. You may say neither, I am a realist, but what does that mean? Through experience I have found that usually when someone says this they are saying it in defense of being accused of being a pessimest. I have known so many people that claim that everyone around them is negative and yet I hear nothing but negativity coming from thier own mouths. I am unsure if this is because they are negative and attracting negative people or if everyone is truly negative around them and they are being drug down into the pit of despair. This is something that no one on the outside would never know, for this is a matter of the heart. So if you find yourself surrounded by negative people my suggestion is to take a look in the mirror, is it you or is it them?



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