Morning Positive


Recently my husband and I relocated, and as any one who has done it knows, this can be stressful. To add to that stress there were several moments of misunderstanding that made it that much more stressful. One was that I was under the impression he would be given the money to move beforehand (we relocated for his job) and having a lapse of good judgement saved very very little for the move. I was informed two weeks prior that we would be reimbursed after the move so having the money was impossible. It’s hard to ask for money from one’s parents especially when you are supposed to be a responsible adult. This was humbling for both my husband and I. What we also were unaware of, was the amount of gas that a twelve foot truck takes to get across the country. Twelve foot was the least expensive that would  fit the majority of our belongings in, if it didn’t fit it didn’t come with us, which added more stress later, I will get to that momentarily. Back to the gas price/cost situation, because packing and cleaning took much longer than we expected my husband left about a day and a half ahead of me, so I am halfway to our destination and we have $60 left in the account, talk about feeling helpless and talk about stress! We went to two separate banks to ask for personal loans and were denied both times. Once again I had to ask to borrow money, this time from a long time friend, once again this was humbling. We finally make it to our destination and payday hits, what a sigh of relief, right? No because the entire paycheck has to go to getting into a place to live, there was a miscommunication about this as well. A few days go by and my husband comes home to inform me that our rent check is going to bounce due to some unseen costs. At this point I am thinking ‘Lord when will this end?’ We have no money, very little food and the only furniture we could fit was a card table with folding chairs, a bed and a dresser.  You notice throughout this whole ordeal this is the first time I have mentioned God? Yep, for whatever reason I didn’t think to pray through this entire process. So once again I have to borrow money, from a family member this time. I don’t know at what point I realized that I needed to ask for help but we did, we started praying. Yesterday, much owed money came to us, one expected and one forgot about it. We were able to purchase an inexpensive couch and send checks out to pay everyone back. We are also able to catch up on overdue bills. So what was God up to? Doing what every loving Father does teaching us many lessons. First and foremost was to trust in Him! Had we done this in the beginning perhaps we wouldn’t have such a hard time and even if we had we would have had His peace and that in itself is worth a million dollars! Of course there were many smaller more personal lessons that were taught but I think that remembering to trust God was the most significant and important one! I think we all do this, we get stressed and forget that we have a loving Father who will help us in our time of need. Whether we seemingly bring these trials upon ourselves or not it’s good to know that God will do wonders for us if we let Him!


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