Morning Positive!!!

I love helping people work through their emotional angst, well when I can.  There is a fine line between helping others with their mental/emotional battle and getting caught up and drug down with them. Many times in my life I have had this happen and here lately it seems that God is trying to teach me a lesson in this. I have two friends, both of them males and both battling with anger/bitterness and negative thinking issues. I find that with some people you have to be straight forward and somewhat harsh, stop feeling sorry for yourself, if you don’t like it get off of your butt and change it. While others you have to have a little more finesse and understanding but in either case you can’t be too involved, you can’t get your emotions confused with theirs. This is where God comes in, for me He is my saving grace in this. This is where the saying for the day comes in as well, you can feed the monkey and love it, pray for it, but in the end you have to remember that this circus, this life is not yours it is Gods and you have to give it to Him. Not my circus, not my monkeys!
Oh, mini disclaimer just in case I offend someone with my use of the word monkey, we are all monkeys, life is a circus and God is the ring master…and yes I believe God does have a sense of humor. 😉



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