A glimpse at the supernatural side of Juliet’s Novella, FREE on Kindle!

“I am Hanny .” Juliet said nothing, trying to work out the confusion in her head. The Hannahmaria in the picture had been twelve. The angelic being who was sitting before her was not a child, she looked to be in her early twenties. She was every bit as gorgeous as her mother , perhaps even more so with her long, curly dark hair and piercing ice blue eyes. “Brady didn’t explain to you, did he?” Hanny asked her, disrupting her moment of admiration. Juliet shook her head and Hanny smiled, “So normally when our, well your kind are awakened they reverse in age, right?” Juliet nodded in agreement. “My brother and I, Alejandro , we came of age and became fully awakened. Instead of reversing in age we became adults overnight.”“Came of age?” Juliet asked for clarification. “Well…” Hanny glanced at Sade and smiled, “you could say we went through our adolescence in one night.”

(C) Poffpublishing 2015

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