Morning Positive!

Today, as the battle ensues inside my body between my immune system and this dreaded cold, I refuse not to post even though all I want to do is lay, complain and sleep. I ran across this simple picture and thought a friend who constantly compares himself to his “successful” family. I understand how easy it is to do this, but it does exactly what this post says it does, it steals his joy completely. It saddens me when people allow such petty things to make them miserable. I personally measure success on happiness, not on an occupation or the amount of money one has and certainly not on the material items one acquires. My point today is that if you are unhappy because you are not as worldly successful as others then you are truly unsuccessful only because you are allowing yourself to be unhappy. Have you improved from who you were last year? Last month? Last week? Yesterday? If the answer is yes then you have succeeded, you are successful and if you continue to improve and it makes you happy then you are far more successful then any of your counterparts who have acquired worldly possessions.



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