A glimpse of ‘Juliet’s Novella’ Free on Kindle Now!

“You must be the infamous Juliet.” The man said, his voice was much sultrier than Jandro’s, and Juliet was annoyed at herself for noticing. “Yes, yes sir.” She managed to say feeling her face heat up a little. “I am Lucious; I hear that you and my brother have hit it off quite nicely .” Lucious continued. “Yes, we have, I care for him very much.” Juliet said, not looking up at him as she began to clear the table, trying to understand how this man could be Lucious, Jandro’s’ ten year old brother. Jandro had told her that Lucious had come of age just as he and Hanny had, but the knowledge didn’t lessen the shock of it. “Understand that my brother and I have very different taste in women .” Lucious said, his voice going from friendly to cruel in that one small sentence.

(C) Poffpublishing 2015

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