Morning Positive

Do not judge a book by it’s cover. This morning I was going to put up a version of This is the Day That the Lord has made, even though with this head cold I don’t feel like much rejoicing. However nothing really caught my attention as far as the verse or even a version of it. Then while distracted on YouTube, don’t judge me, 😉 I ran across this video, this guy has an amazing voice and even if you don’t care for this type of music you have to admit that he catches you off guard. This is a beautiful example of why you should never judge a book by it’s cover. I don’t know how many times I have seen people that don’t “look” like the “type” of people that should be setting an example and yet they set the best. One example of this is from several years ago. I worked with a lady who had her first daughter at a young age, younger than most young mothers and she was known for flirting and dating a lot of men. She frequented bars and just wasn’t the “type” of person I wanted to hang out with, don’t get me wrong choosing who you hang out with can make an impact on your life but what I did was what so many others do, I had labeled her. Her daughter also had a baby at a young age and she seemed fine with it which shocked me because I thought, “don’t you want your daughter to do better then you?” Then I got to know her and her family and out of all the families I have met in my life she had one the most loving and accepting. I told her this, how impressed I was with the love that she shared with her family and what a lesson this was for me! To her it is just how it was, she had never been taught any different other than to love her family despite any decisions that had been made. Isn’t this how we should all be? But not just with our family but with every human being? This is the reason God tells us not to judge, because our wisdom and knowledge are finite and when it comes to judging we don’t rate to judge another human being, so love don’t judge and especially don’t judge a book by it’s cover for you never know the opportunity of love or beauty you may miss out on!


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