Forward momentum!!!

I have decided to do a quick update, as I haven’t done one in a bit. The Novella, A Snippet of Time is in it’s final stages and will go live on Kindle, May first!!! The sole purpose of this Novella is to introduce the Men of Renown series so if you read it, be prepared to have questions when you are finished, that’s the whole point of it.  The first Novel of the Men of Renown series, Forbidden is in the refining  stages and the introduction along with first couple of chapters will be going to the editor as soon as I get my computer up and running again.
Chapter one of  The Vector Race will be posted here April second. To avoid any confusion The Vector Race is not part of the Men of Renown series. It is a story all on its own and it will have monthly chapter entries here on my blog.
There is another story floating on in my head but has not settled yet. Once it settles, I will decide whether it will be a blog book or if I am going to publish on Kindle or both….

And so the great journey continues!!!


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