The Vector Race

Jack was born in the grip of a virus that decimated his entire village including the woman who gave birth to him.  That wasn’t his only run in with that virus, or any of its siblings.  Through out his childhood virus’ seem to find him and destroy everyone around him leaving him lost and alone.  When Jack is finally reunited with his family in America, a place where virus’ rarely kill he feels safe at last, but Jack soon finds out that his survival wasn’t just by chance.  Inside Jack lies an immune system that will decimate virus’ just as they decimated the village he was born in.  Determined to do something good with his new-found knowledge Jack begins to travel the world exposing himself to every virus known to man in order to become a walking vector, a walking cure.  When the long feared super bug begins to threaten mankind’s existence Jack becomes a wanted man as the governments of the worlds race to find him.  They need him to save mankind even if it means Jacks own life.

(C) 2015 Poff Publishing


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