I wish I could say I was running now!

The novella is back in my control.

I have done the rewrites that the editor suggested.

I have written a letter of thanks on the end to announce not only the series name but to give you a little more of what the universe is about.

I should be jumping for joy, right?

But I feel this paralysis trying to take over, a fear has gripped my subconscious.

The fear of self-doubt.

The fear of rejection.

The fear of failure.

Fear is no stranger to me, just as it is to no fear to those who read this. We face fear everyday of our lives, so why this paralysis?Why this self-doubt? Why this foreboding of rejection and why, oh why, do I fear failure?

For one reason, and one only.

I love this universe I have created and I am so sure that my readers will love it just as much.

My biggest fear is that my skills will not do this wonderful, mysterious world justice.

If I do not convey this world to you correctly and you do not love it as you should, then I have failed you as my reader.

Therefore, as close as I am to publishing, I am just as far away.

I ask that you be patient with me.

I want to ensure that I leave nothing to question except that which will only lead you to sink more and more into this world.

I want to ensure that I bring you hours of escape from your reality, that I take you somewhere where just as it starts to look familiar, a bend in this road surprises and thrills you.

I want you to fall in love with this world and I want you to never want to leave.


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