Teaser, teaser, teaser.

Here is the brief introduction and the beginning of the first chapter to my Novella or Novelette, not sure how long the story is going to be.

For those just catching this blog, this is a short spin off of a character in the universe my novel series are based in. This character isn’t introduced in the main novels until later in the series, however one of the supporting characters in this short story is a main character throughout the novel series. I will post the entire first chapter after I get critiques and ensure that it is worthy of posting. Thank you for your support.


There was an immense burning sensation and Juliet knew that one of the fireballs coming through the floor had somehow caught her on fire. She knew she had to put the fire out, she had to save her and Alejandro’s baby that was growing in her womb. She reached for her abdomen, an instinctual reaction to her thoughts. Her hands found only air and she looked down to see a gaping hole where her stomach had been, the darkness closed in before she could feel the pain and panic of the situation. Then she was floating, memories of her life flowing before her eyes. She wasn’t just seeing them, but feeling them and it was peaceful, she felt peace.

Chapter One: Birth

Nancy Englington smiled down at her beautiful daughter, “Her name will be Juliet Anne Englington.” She said smiling up at her husband. Rodney Englington was just as handsome as he had been the day she met him. It was hard for Nancy to believe that it had been ten years ago, Rodney had barely aged but Nancy had grown into a women.

“Let me see the child.” Conrad Englington said walking into the room. Nancy’s mouth went dry; her father-n- law Conrad Englington was a psychopath at the least. There had been more than one occasion when her husband had been called to a “meeting” only to come home bruised and beaten. Rodney had warned her to never try to stand up to the man, that he was capable of the cruelest and most heinous acts, the man had no conscious. Nancy gasped as Conrad snatched her newborn out of her hands. “A female? You lied to me, you told me it was going to be a male!” Conrad said dropping the now crying infant back into her mothers’ arms.

Rodney gasped at the cruelty that his father showed his new baby girl. Yes Rodney had lied because he had witnessed the horrid man forcing his sister-n-laws into ending pregnancies that had been females. His father insisted that the first born in any of his descendants were male and the monster would go to any length to ensure that happened, even murder. “Get out!” Rodney said shocking himself. His voice was shaking, this was the first time he had ever stood up to his father, even though he was nearly sixty in human years.

“What did you just say to me?” Conrad asked, his pupils flexing as his anger rose.

“I said get out, get out of this room and out of my life, I am done!” Rodney yelled back at him, he had started this, he might as well finish it even it meant his death. At the least he would die happy that he had finally stood up to the monstrosity that stood before him.

“How dare you, who in the hell do you think you are talking to?” Conrad said stepping towards his son with every intention of knocking him on his ass.

“I know exactly who I am talking to and it will be the last time you will ever see me or your grandchild again!” Rodney said laying his hand on the knife that hung from his belt.


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